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GoGrameen Concept, Aims and Objectives

Self-sufficiency of the village means every village and villagers should be self-sufficient for their own requirements.  Economic development based on village economy in India. Thus encouraging for rural abilities, rural industry through which rural economy should flourish so that it would ensure overall reconstruction of villages. To achieve self-sufficiency of the villages, development of cottage and village industries not only help emergence of efficient and decentralised sectors but also create further avenues of employment n a self-sustaining economy.  Growth of these sectors contributes to the alleviation of poetry of rural individuals and self-reliance and sufficiency of each family would be achieved. As visualised by Mahatma Gandhiji, the villages should be self-sufficient and autonomous and capable of dealing its needs itself.  Thus, an individual, village, a country could biome independent if only it became self-sufficient.
– Promoting Health conscious, environment friendly consumable products through self-employment, skills upgradation, promotion of cottage and village based industries.
– Bottom-up approach in planning, implementation and promotion of agro-based projects
– Improving the living standards of rural people to transform the villages as Economic Hub
– Preventing migration of rural people in search of employment to the urban areas
– For overall development of India, rural development is very essential
– Promoting cottage industries, small scale industries for all round development of villages
– Preparation of value added agricultural products, handicrafts and encouraging rural artisans 
– By promoting simple tools and equipments and saving labours
– By advocating for self-sufficiency, independent and inter-dependence villages through own own production of food, clothing, essential daily needs 
– Avoiding import of essential needs such food, clothing and daily needs from cities

Providing Urban Amenities to Rural Areas ( PURA)

Provision of Urban Amenities to Rural Areas (PURA) is a strategy for rural Development in India. This concept was given by former president Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam and discussed in his book Target 3 Billion. It was shown in the study that energy self-sufficient talukas can be a new development model for rural India in terms of creation of jobs and better amenities to its population.

PURA proposes that urban infrastructure and services be provided in rural hubs to Create economic opportunities outside of cities. Physical connectivity by Providing roads, electronic connectivity by providing communication networks, And knowledge connectivity by establishing professional and technical Institutions will have to be done in an integrated way so that economic Connectivity will emanate. The Indian central government has been running pilot

PURA programs in several states since 2004. The Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Rurban Mission is a successor to this mission.



  • Converting rural communities into self sufficient village economies by developing action plans and objectives for the gram panchayat development plans.
  • Dredging and restoration of pools, ponds and lakes of the villages. Enabling rain water harvesting in every home and increasing the level of ground water.
  • Stop using plastic things and start using biodegradable things. Create garbage free streets.
  • Home compost the food waste. Through the home compost, develop terrace garden at home and sell that pesticide free vegetables at the people’s market. Recycle the non-biodegradable waste and make and sell consumable products through that money.
  • Prepare electricity through the centralized sewerage lines in the village and use community solar panels for the street lights.
  • Plant and protect fruit bearing trees in the villages. Enabling dense forest concept in the homes, schools, river banks and streets to create clean and green environment
  • Promoting quality syllabus and skill development in schools. And also improving their skills and motivating to succeed in Olympic competitions.
  • Creating water pollution free environment by promoting complication free sewerage lines. Everyone should get proper health care facilities.
  • Removal of encroachments and planting trees to protect the environment at the river banks, mountain ranges and forests.
  • Following the SRI, SSI and Precision methods to improve agricultural outputs. Supporting processed and value added foods at villages and Promoting cold storage facilities to double the profit of Farmers.
  • Promoting integrated farming, Poultry, Cattle ranching and specific type of crops. Producing agricultural fodder with the support of self help Groups. Work together, Develop together, Earn together.
  • Promoting tradition skills and supporting the inventions of Youths at villages. Creating self sufficient village and double the income of individuals.
  • Finally, creating carbon free, Pollution-free and green environment at the villages.

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